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Measure DD will provide the dedicated funding needed to repair Sonoma County’s rural roads and city streets, improve bus services, reduce traffic congestion and build more bikeways and pathways – without raising taxes.

Measure DD, the “Go Sonoma Act,” continues the legacy of voter-approved Measure M, which has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to fully fund the Highway 101 widening through Sonoma County, with the last segment through the City of Petaluma on-time and on-budget to open a 3rd lane in both directions by 2022. When Measure M sunsets, Measure DD picks up where Measure M left off beginning in 2025 – years after we should have a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19 and our economy is no longer burdened with the impacts caused by the current pandemic.


By approving Measure DD this November, transportation officials will be well-positioned to prepare projects and begin transportation improvement programs as soon as Measure DD takes effect, and ensures voter passage of Measure DD this year secures the funding needed to improve our transportation infrastructure in the years ahead and for our next generation.

Equally important, Measure DD includes detailed plans that show exactly how the money will be spent (below is a pie chart showing the expenditure plan summary for Measure DD). Independent audits will ensure all funds are spent as promised, and there are strict provisions in place to ensure funds cannot be taken or reallocated by cities, the county or state for other programs.

Measure DD: Expenditure Plan Summary

Measure DD: Expenditure Plan Summary

Voters in Sonoma County will be asked whether or not to approve Measure DD on the November ballot by asking voters the following question:

Measure DD (Yes/No Question – 2/3 Majority Needed for Passage):
Without raising taxes, shall the Sonoma County Transportation Authority implement the Go Sonoma Act to repair potholes; reduce congestion; make biking and walking safer; expand local bus service; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; improve evacuation routes; and enhance transportation services for students and seniors by continuing, for 20 years, the current ¼-cent sales tax dedicated to transportation, providing approximately $26 million annually?

As you learn more about Measure DD, below are 10 key reasons to vote YES:

  1. Will provide approximately $26 million each year to fund local transportation projects without raising taxes;
  2. Will provide approximately $10 million each year to repair & repave rural roads and city streets, doubling the amount of local funding for smoother roads;
  3. Will provide $7 million each year to fund projects that alleviate traffic congestion and improve safety for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians;
  4. Will invest approximately $6 million annually to improve local bus service by enhancing service, improving first/last mile connections, and creating fare-free rides along with commuter benefits for transit users;
  5. Will provide approximately $3 million each year to create new bikeways and pathways, tripling the amount of funding currently available;
  6. Will help Sonoma County reduce greenhouse gases through infrastructure improvements that reduce traffic congestion and incentivize people to use public transit or the increased network of bicycle and pedestrian pathways;
  7. Will preserve Sonoma County’s “self-help” status, a crucial designation that makes Sonoma County more competitive for regional, state and federal transportation dollars (Sonoma County’s self-help status helped Sonoma County earn $5 in outside funding for every $1 in local funding to fully fund the Highway 101 widening project from Windsor to the county line);
  8. Will continue to improve the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for rural Sonoma County and each of its 9 cities/town;
  9. Will secure Sonoma County’s transportation future;
  10. Will keep Sonoma County moving!

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