Argument in Favor of Measure DD

Measure DD will provide the dedicated funding needed to repair our rural roads and city streets, improve bus services, reduce traffic congestion and build more bikeways and pathways throughout Sonoma County – without raising taxes.

Measure DD, the “Go Sonoma Act,” continues the legacy of voter-approved Measure M, which has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to fully fund the Highway 101 widening through Sonoma County, with the last segment through the City of Petaluma on-time and on-budget to open a 3rd lane in both directions by 2022.

Measure DD includes detailed plans that show exactly how the money will be spent. Independent audits will ensure all funds are spent as promised, and there are strict provisions in place to ensure not one penny can be taken or reallocated by cities, the county or state for other programs.

Funds raised from Measure DD will be spent on our transportation infrastructure, with the largest percentages going to rural/unincorporated areas and every town/city in Sonoma County for filling potholes and repairing roads and streets. Through a competitive process, additional dollars will be allocated to projects that move traffic and improve safety; improve bus service; and build more bikeways and pathways to take more cars off our roads, reducing greenhouse gases.

Recent disasters are a stark reminder of how important it is to have a strong transportation infrastructure: by improving narrow roads and major thoroughfares, first responders and residents can better move in and out during times of an emergency.

Measure DD will create local, good-paying jobs through millions of dollars in transportation construction projects throughout Sonoma County – strengthening our local economy and transportation system alike.

Vote Yes on the 21st century transportation system we need.

Vote Yes on Measure DD.

s/ L. Willard Richards, Chair

s/ Eris Weaver, Executive Director

s/ Michael Pickens, District Rep.

s/ Lacey Torkelson Smith, Board

s/ Michael Allen, Chair

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