Rebuttal to the Argument Against Measure DD

Measure DD will not raise taxes now, nor will it increase taxes when it takes effect in 2025, years after we should have a safe and effective vaccine for Covid-19. At that point, it extends voter-approved taxes dedicated to transportation improvements throughout Sonoma County.

Measure DD continues the legacy of voter-approved Measure M, which efficiently and transparently made important transportation improvements in Sonoma County, including the long-sought goal of a three-lane Highway 101, with the last segment through the City of Petaluma on-time, on-budget and opening in 2022. Imagine how unsafe and impacted Sonoma County would have been in the fires and rebuild had we been limited to two lanes!

The most significant allocation of dollars from Measure DD would be used to smooth and repair rural roads and city streets; alleviate congestion by investing in projects that move traffic and improve safety; enhance bus service that will help improve first/last mile connections; and invest in bikeways and pathways both in rural, unincorporated areas and each of Sonoma County’s nine cities.

Measure DD picks up where Measure M leaves off in 2025 without increasing taxes, and will provide needed money for local transportation projects.

There is strong agreement in our community about the dire need to repair our roads and invest in a 21st century transportation system that works for everyone, particularly those who walk, bike or drive on our roads, streets, bike lanes or sidewalks each day. For all residents tired of living with the patchwork of rough roadways, they agree: Yes on Measure DD!

s/ L. Willard Richards, Chair

s/ Eris Weaver, Executive Director

s/ Michael Pickens, District Rep.

s/ Lacey Torkelson Smith, Board

s/ Herman G. Hernandez
Sonoma County Board of Education Trustee

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